Perry Adam Lieber Discusses The Importance Of Using Proper Equipment When Weight Training

Proper equipment is the key phrase to remember when building strengths. In any gym, according to Perry Adam Lieber, a personal trainer based in Santa Barbara, Calif., You’ll see people using the wrong or inadequate equipment. It may be due to owner negligence, but it’s more likely because most people don’t know how important it is to have quality workout tools.

Here are some examples of suitable and inappropriate weight lifting equipment:

Make sure the equipment is sturdy

If your bench press bar grips on the way up (just before pressing upward), according to Perry Adam Lieber, then you should either buy a new bench or build one that doesn’t flex like that. A functional power rack must be able to withstand heavy pressure without flexing.

Using fragile dumbbells for side elevations would be like trying to knock down trees with toothpicks. Investing in good looking, strong dumbbells ensures you get the most out of your workout and prevent injury.

Don’t use things that aren’t necessary

Using a weight belt for exercises where it is not appropriate will slow your progress by acting as a brace that prevents your lower back from stabilizing. Using an improper belt can also lead to overcompensation with other muscles to compensate for weaker ones supported by the belt, creating a disproportion between muscle groups.

Suppose you are doing something like barbell curls while standing on a BOSU ball (a product believed to improve stability and balance). In this case, according to Perry Adam Lieber, you’re probably wasting time because you don’t have the proper stability or balance. As you practice, focus on the quality of each movement rather than how “shocking” or impressive it is. The goal of bodybuilding is to build strength and stability, not to impress the crowd with circus acts.

Varying things leads to gains

This doesn’t mean that simple variations of exercise have no place in a routine – they can be very useful if done correctly – but gadget devices, according to Perry Adam Lieber, should only be used last. appeal. Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment, remember: you can get results without using anything other than good old-fashioned weights, dumbbells, dumbbells, and your bodyweight.

Don’t waste time finding shortcuts when doing weight training; instead, focus on making the most of the right weightlifting tools, learning what works best for your body, and making every rep count.

If you want to take it up a notch, here are six benefits you should be aware of when using the right equipment.

Control of mechanical overload and movement path

Using a power rack with safety pins will allow you to control mechanical overload and motion path. This means that if your strength decreases due to fatigue, the safety pins catch the weight. Therefore, it doesn’t crash into you and get stuck on the way down. A bar is usually too heavy for this purpose, unless you are using an extremely light weight.

Place the resistance correctly

A bar allows you to place resistance in the most efficient way for your body in terms of leverage. For example, in the case of squats, the best placement allows a person to assume a deep squat position directly above “center of gravity.” Instead of standing away from where they should be so they can use their legs and not their hips, lower back and other stabilizing muscles.

Create metabolic overload

If you want to get ripped off, you need to create metabolic overload by exercising at high volume and intensity. This allows the body to metabolize fat for energy rather than just burning carbohydrates for fuel, and it can be done without any equipment.

Fast circuit training

All you need to make a simple and effective circuit training routine without any equipment is a towel and a chair. With this method, you hold the towel with both hands and continually perform “towel curls” or other movements that use your arms until they are exhausted.

Effective calisthenics

If you want to build lean muscle mass as quickly as possible without accumulating extra body fat, nothing beats effective Swedish gymnastics. Muscle burns calories while at rest, so building more means eating more without gaining extra weight, as long as those calories are made up of healthy foods like whole grains and fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy sugars and fats.

Focus on building certain muscles

With weight training, you can stress certain muscles so that they are more pronounced than others, without changing your natural form. For example, standing on the ball of one leg while performing a bicep curl is an unstable position that would be difficult to maintain without any equipment. However, this allows greater pressure on the muscle group during training.

Lifting weights allows you to exert tension on specific areas of the body to achieve aesthetic results that cannot be achieved with Swedish gymnastics alone. a unit rather than an individual.


Using lifting straps will allow you to reduce the risk of damage even with extremely heavy weights as it frees your hands so that they do not get tired and become unable to hold onto the weight. However, if you do not use them correctly (i.e. wrapping the strap around the weight to dig into your wrist), it will instead increase the risk of injury, especially if the weight falls on you.

Final thoughts

While you don’t need any equipment to get ripped apart, the fact is that most people prefer to use it because they find it more aesthetic and can get results much faster. If you fall into this category, you should consider paying a small fee for a gym membership. Just make sure if you go there at least twice a week, and make sure your form is correct with each exercise before increasing the resistance. The right equipment will only allow a significant physical transformation in a matter of months if you stick to it.

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