Mobifitness Release Its Turbo Exercise Bike

Mobifitness has just released its turbo exercise bike in the United States. The main strong point of the Mobi Turbo Bike is that the product has an artistic design and fits perfectly into the house. Let’s find out more about it …

What makes the turbo bike special in the area of ​​the exercise bike?

Paired with a FREE app and ride experience, Turbo Bike has 32 resistance levels and a vertical and horizontal seat, people can also access online tournaments with their friends. Mostly, it is commercial grade with a residential grade price.

See below for a more detailed Turbo Bike review.

Advantages of the Mobifitness Turbo exercise bike

√ Compact size in a well-designed style

Sweat absorbent handle

Stationary bike with easy button control

Ergonomic features comfortable seat

√Smart experience of free app (Enhanced digital experience by app)

√Free course and online tournament (Stay motivated and engaged with competitions, group challengers)

12 KG flywheel with 32 resistance levels

App supports resistance adjustment

√ Vertical and horizontal adjustment of seat and handlebars

√Wooden stand for your smartphone / tablet

be compatible with many world class applications. (Zwift, Kinomap)

Disadvantages of the Mobifitness Turbo exercise bike

– No programs or console

Brand presentation

Mobifitness is a brand of smart fitness equipment with an office in the UK. The company is dedicated to high-end technology and fabulous design and integrates it into everyday life. The company specifically emphasizes every detail through handcrafted technology class gaming service. Mobifitness also aims to attract more people to fall in love with sports and represent a new me. The fundamental values ​​adopted by the company are precision, concentration, infinity and mutuality.

The products are made with smart sensors and adopting modern spare parts. The company aims to establish a new set of intelligent exercise modes. The product team is primarily focused on improving the interactive user experience and user experience, including redefining exercise agitation. Mobifitness is committed to offering consumers products with a sense of art and quality. Mobifitness also specializes in rowers, treadmills and ellipticals. The Turbo Bike is the first product available to customers on Amazon.

Features of the Mobifitness Turbo bike

The bike is made with attention to detail. An artistic design stands out from its competition and also reflects all the details and craftsmanship of each segment. The Mobifitness Turbo Bike offers a free smart app experience, a free online class experience and a free online tournament.

The bike comes with a 12kg flywheel with 32 levels of resistance, featuring a solid frame with a compact size that can perfectly accommodate home use.

With Bluetooth capabilities, the Turbo Bike can easily connect to a phone or tablet, and a wooden stand makes it easy to mount devices. The mobile app is able to adjust the resistance level with precise button control. In addition, the Mobi Turbo Bike includes a vertical and horizontal seat associated with a handlebar adjustment.

Guarantee and Guarantee

The Mobifitness Turbo Bike includes a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.


The Mobi Turbo Bike is available now for $ 899 on Amazon. The company claims the price is more reasonable than Peloton given its technology and design. The Mobifitness turbo bike will set new benchmarks in the smart vehicle segment due to its many features and specifications.

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