Flexit Brings a New Personal Trainer Twist to Home Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely forced sports-goers around the world not only to re-imagine how to exercise, but also for many to reinvest in the long-term in their fitness lifestyle.

A beginner fitness app – Flexit – hopes fitness enthusiasts will invest in their health by helping people train safely and consistently at home. How? By approaching the atmosphere of real-time personal coaching in your own living room without someone in your living room.

“If I really had to package Flexit in one sentence, I’d say what we’re looking for is virtual personal training with direct, two-way communication,” says Austin Cohen, Flexit’s CEO and founder. “No one else was really focused on that two-way personal communication.”

As health addicts around the world have done, Flexit has had to adapt to the changes the fitness industry has had to make during the COVID crisis, ranging from changing its focus to workouts at home as gyms have been forced to close. From Peloton bikes to Pilates repairers, sales of home fitness equipment boomed in 2020, bringing in nearly $ 2.5 billion from March to October. Meanwhile, nearly 2.5 billion fitness and wellness apps were downloaded worldwide in 2020, an increase of nearly 50% over the previous year.

With no real end in sight as to when life returns to normal, experts see home and virtual workouts as a trend that is here to stay. Cohen agrees.

“On the coach’s side, I think everyone knows now that virtualization will play a part of their lives in the future,” Cohen says. “We’ve created a really cool process where the coaches wear their branded gear and most of them deliver sessions from the gym. So if I work with one of our coaches, I still get that in the gym experience to the fullest extent possible.”

Like other gym subscription apps, Flexit provides access to fitness centers across the country (they are billed every minute to get to the gym), which is often attractive not only to curious athletes in and out of boutique studios, but Also a godsend for travelers in need of a gym for their workouts.

For those who choose to do exercises at home, you can book training sessions with a variety of coaches from participating gyms from any number of disciplines (boxing by day, yoga at night, followed by a kettlebell workout the next morning), who are equipped to meet Your workouts for the types of equipment you may have at home. No equipment? Trainers can put you in bodyweight exercises to get the heart pumping, too.

While live group workouts have become the norm, Flexit deviates from its competitors by developing an advanced coach-client interaction feature. Can’t seem to master a kettlebell hammock? Flexit gives coaches the ability to help correct each customer’s model with a diagrammatic tool in which any type of modification can be made, with the customer viewing each disk on their device.

“Not many techniques have been optimized for trying in-person, face-to-home training,” Cohen says. “ It’s really about developing a social relationship with the right personal trainer.

To date, among its more than 100,000 downloads, Flexit customers are mostly split between a fitness beginner ready for a goal-oriented athletic lifestyle change that needs an extra push.

“We can cater to people who don’t have equipment or people who have everything,” Cohen says. “If you only have a few things – a yoga mat or dumbbells, that can really do the trick.”

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