Features Of Dive Watches – The Art of Healthy Living

Diving is a famous and amazing sport that allows divers to view and experience underwater with research into marine life. Diving has evolved since the late 1950s, as have the demands of divers. Specific underwater tools are needed to balance life and death issues hundreds of feet underwater, one being a diving watch. Dive watches play a crucial role in scuba diving programs as they allow divers to obtain the decompression stop reading, determine or avoid turns and the duration of deep immersion. It helps them to be kept up to date and take precautions accordingly. Swiss army diving watches have certainly evolved as well and have different kinds of features to go with it.

Here are some of the features;


Water resistance is a characteristic with which a diving watch must reign. This water resistance, however, turns out to be 100 meters deep for an average diver’s watch. But some advanced and technological diving watches use a 200 meter depth control gauge.

Bezel Rotation

Rotating bezels integrated into a diver’s watch allow the diver to indicate the level of depth he has passed through underwater and give him a certain time which has been calculated underwater only. This is important because it allows safe action to be taken in time if the divers stray from the estimated depth.

Helium exhaust valve

Not all diving watches are equipped with a helium valve. However, this feature allows professional divers to operate at great depths for extended periods of time to ensure that their watch can release the helium trapped during resurfacing, thus protecting the watch.

Watch straps

There are specific watch straps for wet and dry suits. The metal straps have a wetsuit extension link, which expands and fits over a wetsuit. Dry suits do not require any extension link. The plastic straps are fine. Rubber straps can be used, but they gradually wear out.


The diver’s watch case should withstand harsh conditions, including being submerged in salt water for long periods of time. Included a function for the case is to make sure that no water gets inside and / or to allow the basic capacities of the watch to malfunction.


Dials with intricate designs are rarely found in diving watches. Instead, a dive watch face should be easy to read and have luminous markings for the hands and indexes. This function facilitates readability for scuba divers. Readability should be accelerated by precautionary measures when reading depth levels or time underwater.

Dive watches are enduring style statements, mostly accessorized. They double up, not only as timing devices, but also as a fashion statement underwater. It is your personal choice when selecting any of your choices. The basic need is to ensure functionality underwater. Whether you choose any type of dive computer, remember that affordability and reliability weigh more than style.

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