A woman must recognize her beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, that is, what is considered beautiful by a person is not necessarily beautiful in the eyes of another person, and the characteristics and standards of beauty change constantly, according to cultures, media, and social norms. It can be said that what defines beauty qualities is the opinion of the majority, and is usually seen. To beauty as the beauty of the external form, despite the importance of the beautiful internal qualities, and the article will mention what is considered beautiful by the majority, in terms of internal, external, and behavioral qualities.

Qualities of a beautiful woman

A beautiful woman has beautiful characteristics in her external appearance, internal characteristics, and behavior. Among them are The external qualities of a beautiful woman.
There are many external characteristics that a beautiful woman enjoys, and that is as recognized by the majority, including:

The proportions in the features of the face, for example, large eyes may not look beautiful on a small face.
Wide eyes.
Long eyelashes.
Eyebrows that are balanced and symmetrical.
Pink cheeks and lips.
The ideal symmetry on both sides of the face, as one side of the face, reflects the other.
Lips that are plump and proportionate to the rest of the face.
The little nose.
Smooth and clear skin, free of skin blemishes or problems.
Long, thick, lustrous hair that smells lovely.
Agility, and harmonious body.
Slender waist; Where the hips are about 25 cm larger than the waist.
Height does not play a big role in the beauty and attractiveness of women. Women who are shorter than average in average height are considered beautiful and attractive, and tall women are considered beautiful, provided that women are not taller than men.

Tips for external beauty of women

Women always want to maintain and improve their beautiful external appearance, so some tips can be followed to achieve this desire, and these tips include:

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy, and graceful outward appearance, by exercising for half an hour three times a week, and eating vegetables and fruits. Because healthy food and exercise not only maintain the shape and health of the body, but it increases the freshness of the skin, vitality, energy, and mental comfort, in addition to avoiding processed and fatty foods that tire the body and the digestive system.
The skincare, by cleaning it with a facial cleanser, and moisturizing it after cleaning, twice a day, and using a cleanser that prevents acne for oily skin, and a gentle cleanser for dry skin, taking care to moisturize it after cleaning, and use sunblock; To maintain healthy skin, in addition to drinking eight glasses of water a day; To moisturize the skin, prevent it from peeling and dryness, and use a lip balm, especially in the winter.
Remove make-up daily before bed.
Maintaining cleanliness by bathing daily, and washing hair as needed; So that it does not look greasy, in addition to using deodorant, moisturizing the skin, caring for hands and feet, trimming nails, and maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth, by using the brush and floss morning and evening.
Haircare, cutting, and styling of hair that suits the face, and it can be dyed if desired in a more beautiful color.
Choosing the appropriate clothes that fit the body, and of good quality, by preferring the quality over the quantity, and wearing what highlights the special taste and personal style when selecting clothes.

The inner qualities of a beautiful woman

Many internal attractive characteristics increase the beauty of a beautiful woman, including:

Kindness, as the smiling woman, who treats everyone with kindness and kindness, illuminates the lives of the people around her.
Optimism, and a sense of humor. A positive woman has the ability to enjoy life, spend quality time, and laugh.
Ambition and passion to achieve what you aspire to are important characteristics that make women more beautiful.
Self-confidence, as a self-confident woman enjoys satisfaction and happiness about who she is, who she is, defends that, and what she believes in.
She has a unique and special style when it comes to her outward appearance. You see beauty in other people.
She takes care of herself, her skin, her nails, and her hair.
She maintains her weight, so that she is not thin or fat, because she cares about the quality of the food she eats, and exercises activities that keep her in good health.
She cares about the people around her, welcomes them through her warm smile, and empathizes with them, and what they are going through.
She surrounds herself with sincere friends but does not shun anyone. She treats everyone with the utmost kindness.
She forgives those who offended her so that she does not carry hatred in her heart.
You face the cruelty of life with strength and wisdom.
Humble, compassionate, and loves people, so that she does not issue prejudices against them, but rather is an aid to them, with all love.
She does not expect others to accept her, and despite her courage, she is characterized by softness.
Honest in her words, and her actions.

The behavior of beautiful women

The behaviors and behaviors of the beautiful, elegant, and classy woman in her life have a great impact on drawing attention to her, including:
The woman who enjoys true beauty is interested in the words that come out of her mouth, as she shies away completely from obscene and profane words.
The beautiful woman speaks with a loud and calm voice, softness, and politeness, without the need to raise the tone of her voice or to speak quickly.

Beautiful women keep their daily makeup natural, without the need to wear lipstick in bold colors during the day and make heavy makeup on occasions and parties.
She walks upright, confident and proud, and sits still and calm.
She gives adequate care and attention to the appearance of her hands and nails.
She wears coordinated, clean, and appropriate clothes.
She is concerned with the look of her hair, and its hairstyle.
She is concerned with the quality of her perfume and does not wear strong-smelling perfumes.

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