8 Best Yoga Apps to Fuel Your Daily Practice

Yoga can be an excellent complement to any existing exercise routine. Every budding yogi knows that consistent practice is the key to progress on the mat. However, there are often times – like during a pandemic – when you can’t get to the studio. The simple solution is yoga apps.

Not being able to get to the gym or yoga studio is frustrating. (Plus, it can be hard to patch the Humble Warrior on your own.) Fortunately, there are plenty of yoga apps designed to keep you coming back to the mat over and over again—even when your entire workout routine has been thrown out. .

These yoga apps will do more than just remind you of your downhill dog every now and then. They boast exclusive routines, personalization, certified teachers, advanced audio, global communities, and other exciting features. It allows you plenty of offline broadcasting as well.

And the benefits of yoga are endless – studies show that regular yogis are more interested in what they eat and more sensitive to hunger cues, making them less lean than the general population. Other benefits include a stronger immune system, relief from chronic pain, and increased heart health.

In women, yoga has also been linked to reducing hot flashes during menopause.

Whether you turn to yoga for easy stretching and recovery after a workout or as a serious regimen for it, these apps will help you take your yoga practice to the next level

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