6 Supplements That Are Proven To Help With Your Workout Regime

As we tackle our new exercise routines, build muscle, or seek to improve our endurance and endurance, we can increase the effectiveness of these workouts with certain supplements. Not only are they beneficial for every training program, but they can also help you cross that plateau that you may have reached where you no longer see changes in your body. A plateau like this occurs once your body has reached some kind of balance with your calorie intake and the intensity of the exercise. Intensifying your workouts is only beneficial if you can accompany it by increasing your nutrient intake, especially with essentials like protein. Here are 8 supplements that are proven to help with exercise and gain muscle mass.


This wonderful little supplement is actually naturally present in our body and helps provide our body with useful energy during exercise. Its role is actually twofold as it also helps in the repair and growth of muscles that have been subjected to stress, for example as a result of heavy training. Many people swear by creatine to help them do a few more reps than usual, thereby improving their performance.

Cod liver oil

Joint care is extremely important when it comes to exercise, and not only will it be incredibly painful to sustain an injury to a weak joint, but you will also find yourself incapacitated for a significant period of time. Cod liver oil supplements help a myriad of things in our body as they contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body can put to good use. Not only will this strengthen the joints, but it will also improve bone strength, improve your immune system, and reduce inflammation.

Amino acids

These are some of the most vital chemicals in muscle growth and there are many different types that serve a variety of purposes. They mainly play an important role in the growth and repair of our body tissues such as organs and muscles, as well as in things such as our skin and hair. Our bodies will not be able to survive without these, which is why they are found in just about all of our food. However, there are huge benefits to increasing the amount of amino acids in our systems, and while it can be difficult to know whether to choose between leucine versus isoleucine or glutamine versus tyrosine, there are many resources online to help you choose the ideal for you, such as this Optimized Ingredient article. As with all supplements, do your research and consider discussing your plans with your doctor before taking them.


Speaking of amino acids, and glutamine in particular, this handy supplement is perfect for maintaining muscle mass. It is not always possible to get enough of it into your body through fish, red meat and nuts, and it may be necessary to increase your glutamine levels if you are worried about losing performance during particularly training. intense and heavy. It’s important to note the added fats that foods like nuts and red meat can put into your body and replacing some of these with a supplement can both maintain these levels and help you avoid taking too much. body fat.

Protein powder

While protein is basically made up of amino acids to help your muscles repair and grow, there are some benefits to taking protein in the form of whey powder, and it will ultimately help you when looking to gain strength. mass in general. All bodybuilders will understand that it is important to reach at least the recommended daily calorie intake to maintain muscle mass and to exceed this level to grow taller. Or calorie intake is based on our metabolism, which is how quickly and efficiently our body converts food into components useful for energy and growth. If you don’t reach these recommended levels, you might find that your body will start saving energy in the form of fat, and you might even experience muscle loss. A good quality, weight gain protein powder is a great choice for hitting those calorie limits and giving you that extra boost if you’re struggling to eat a lot more.

Vitamins & Minerals

Getting the right number of essential vitamins and minerals in our body is so important, and that is why a balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits, and high protein foods is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals are often referred to as micronutrients, in that they are in such small amounts, but perform very important roles. These nutrients perform functions such as helping to create oxygen-carrying proteins, strengthening our bones, and regulating our immune system, to keep us strong. They also help break down certain foods to help distribute other helpful chemicals throughout the body. For example, vitamin B helps release energy from foods high in carbohydrates by keeping us alert and active.

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